Marqui, Janet Johnson

posted: October 28, 2006 10:21 PM

1.1.11 Company: Marqui

Blogger: Janet Johnson
Student Interviewer: Greg Chick

Janet Johnson is the Vice President of Communications for Marqui, a software company that provides marketing solutions to marketers.

Janet explained that her boss Stephen King and Marc Canter devised a marketing strategy to pay bloggers to write about their new company, Marqui, in 2004. Once the company announced the program, the number of links from bloggers generated grew dramatically.  Marqui had a lot of criticism about the program, as many bloggers did not agree with the technique. Marqui paid every blogger for three months to blog, but the blogger was very open about being paid by Marqui.  Janet stated that by entering into the conversation, and publishing every single post - whether positive or negative - it established the company's integrity by conducting blogging the right way.

Janet believes that if you can write an email well you could write a good blog post, and that a blogger should have an opinion and be prepared to go out on a limb.  She drew an analogy between blogging and the ordinary conversations between two people over e-mail. She feels that if you can continue a conversation in email with another person, you have the ability to write a blog.

Janet believes that every business blog should have a mission.  Her blog’s mission is marketing excellence.  Janet also said that "relevant materials and high quality content" are big factors for blogging success. Janet stressed that having a purpose for the blog was very important because it will help focus the bloggers’ efforts.

According to Janet, companies should conduct a lot of commenting and send a lot of trackbacks, as connecting with other people in the blogosphere is very important to building relationships. Those relationships will help a company to achieve their goals.  Janet said that the more you engage other bloggers, the more they will engage you.

The content that generates the most comments can be very random on Janet's blog, and she’s been surprised that her personal posts have generated some of the most surprising comments.

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