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PRSA to hold Digital Impact Summit in New York

It’s happening. The mainstream PR profession is really getting serious about how to achieve client goals by combining PR with social media, AND search engine optimization best practices. The latest proof of this is The Digital Impact Conference hosted by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Cision and Medialink. I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at this important two day conference designed to help PR and Marketing professionals understand how to align their business strategies with emerging technologies.

 My session is titled “How a Little SEO Can Go a Long Way or the Wrong Way”. If the clever title isn’t enough for you to start reserving your tickets and packing your bags, here’s a quick teaser about my session.

Title: How a little SEO Can Go a Long Way or the Wrong way

Session Summary: For some companies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be the difference between success and failure. In this session you will learn how an established computer company’s lack of SEO savvy reduced the impact of an otherwise good marketing and PR effort. You will also learn how SEO and strategic blogging catapulted a little Internet startup to success, achieving top search engine rankings along with blog buzz and national media coverage. Come see why PR professionals are uniquely suited to tap into some of that Search Engine Marketing budget, and learn how to better your business by avoiding the top ten things companies do to kill their natural search engine rankings.

Digital_Impact_Conf_234x60.JPGThis session is on Monday June 9 (Day One) and it will follow Lee Odden’s general session about SEO where he will discuss strategic approaches to getting in the news and how SEO affects social media. The keynote speakers are Josh Bernoff, principal analyst at Forrester Research and David Carr, columnist, Monday Business section, New York Times. The conference is packed with great sessions and speakers so check out info page for the latest info and how to reserve your spot.

Last but not least, I want to sincerely thank Bryan Person, one of the most selfless bloggers on the internet for nudging the folks at PRSA to offer me this slot. Thanks Bryan! See you all in the big city.

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Mounting a PR Case for Blogging ROI from an SEO Perspective

Charlene Li posted a magnificent and easily digestible blog post titled Calculating the ROI of blogging. In it she talks about the costs, benefits and risks of Blog ROI measurement. My favorite part is the simple chart of the blogging “Benefit” and “Appropriate  measurement”.

“Greater visibility in search results” is high on her list of benefits, but I wonder if the SEO benefits from corporate blogging is being given enough play in the broader blogging ROI discussion.

Here's some advice if you’re a PR or communications person trying to sell blogging internally, find out how much Marketing is spending on Paid Search advertising and SEO. We’ve researched 140 clients of a local PR firm and found that 28% of them are spending an average of $21k per month on paid search(for more on this research, see A case for the ROI of Blogging).

Working with a annual budget of $252,000 ($21k x 12) leads me to believe that a case can be made for the blogging ROI strictly from an SEO (organic search engine optimization) benefit point of view. Start with making the SEO case and then add on all the other noted benefits (consumer education, pr, thought leadership, crisis, management, reach enthusiasts) as gravy.

Blogging is a long term strategy to achieve organic rankings on the most sought after keywords because...

  1. Blogs are search engine friendly.
  2. Good blogs produce an archive of fresh relevant content, 
  3. Good blogs produce quality incoming links.

These are always the biggest challenges in producing SEO results for clients, but they are fundamental in blogging.

So what happens after one year of corporate blogging publishing at a frequency of about 3 posts per week. At the end of the year your company has substantially increased your fresh relevant content footprint by 150 interlinked keyword focused posts/ aka. optimized web pages. We're doing this for one Spherion now and their blog has already garnered "41 links from 20 blogs" in their target blogging community. At this rate they will have 492 quality links by the end of the year. The fresh content and links will add up to a much better rankings for the blog and the Spherion corporate site since the blog is a subdirectory of the corporate website. Is Spherion achieving other benifits from blogging? Sure, but this post is strictly about the SEO benefits.

What is the investment/company dependencies for this? It’s going to cost a company about 20 – 40 hours in the setup phase and then 5 – 20 hours per week to write and publish 3 – 5 blog posts and deal with 6 – 10 comments. Add another 5 – 10 hours per week onto this equation for blog monitoring. Some companies may choose to augment some of this work and retain the assistance of blogging consultant, and that could range anywhere between $2k - $10k per month depending on scope and scale of the support.

Here's one way to calculate... If you're advertising in Google or Yahoo, or paying an SEO firm, figure out what a 1st to 3rd position on keyword X is already costing your company on a monthly Cost Per Click basis. A successful blogging strategy could generate free traffic on that keyword in 2 - 12 months. The less competitive the term the quicker you will see results. Duplicate that strategy/formula on 10 to 20 of your company's most important keywords and then double the totals(because Google is only about half the search market).

I found this article via Steve Rubel's post titled: A Model for Measuring Blogging ROI

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Things to keep in mind as you work with the media.

In a recent post to the Schwartz Middleware blog titled The Golden Rule Applies to Media Interviews, experienced PR counselor (and new PR blogger) John Moran offers up some great advice for CEO's and Marketing VPs who want to work with the media to gain coverage.

I mention this post to you for a few reasons. First, to make a prediction that John Moran's blog will become a great point of insight for marketing and PR executives in the software industry. I'm already a big fan (envious) of John’s efficient, light and witty blogging style.

The second reason is to get in this shameless plug... Scout is currently working closely with Schwartz Communications (the 8th largest PR firm in the US) to develop a series of blogs focused on Schwartz's eleven areas of high tech PR expertise. To date we have launched three industry blogs -- the IT Security Blog Authored by Chuck Tanowitz, Healthcare IT Blog Authored by Shawn Whalen, and the Middleware Blog. There are also a few more industry blogs in the pipeline for later this fall. Stay tuned.

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