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Podcast Tips And A Podcast From The Hobson And Holtz Report

Podcasts are fast becoming an important communications tool for companies. Knowing how to conduct a good podcast takes skill and experience. Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson are two of the new communications industry's most eloquent and prolific podcasters. Their twice-weekly podcast, the Hobson and Holtz report, provides expert opinion and interviews with communications professionals.

You have the same ability to interact with an audience using a podcast as you do with a blog. Shel and Neville's podcasts feature the ability to comment, either by writing a comment on the show's blog, sending an email, or calling the show's comment line and recording a comment. Shel and Neville don't always have an answer for listeners to the show, and respond by turning to their audience for help in answering their listeners' questions.

If you work in the communications industry, if there's one podcast you should listen too on a regular basis it's the Hobson and Holtz report. That's why I was delighted to be invited to chat about SCOUT on their show from the New Communications Forum in Palo Alto. While Stephen Turcotte the President of Backbone Media, sent a clip from the search engine strategies show featuring interviews with Robert Scoble and Sam Decker.

One other feature of the Hobson and Holtz report you will find really valuable for identifying people or sections within the Hobson and Holtz report are show notes that pinpoint different sections of the podcast with individual feeds to that section. The show notes are especially valuable for returning visitors who want to quickly review a particular section within the podcast.

The Hobson and Holtz show was recorded from the New Communications Forum in Palo Alto, California. This show's recording features interview's with attendees, speakers and two keynote speakers. Thanks Shel and Neville for continuing to produce such a great show!

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