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One of our newest clients,, just officially launched their corporate blog, "Clearing the Air" last week. HomeAire is a subsidiary of Spruce Environmental Technologies, a company of super nice folks up in Ward Hill, MA who are passionate about the air we breathe. They offer products ranging from indoor air purifiers to central vacuums, dryer booster fans, and radon testing kits. After getting to know them and familiarizing ourselves with their products and services, I think we’re all feeling the need to check our air and get tested for radon. Who knew it was so prevalent in homes today?

The reason I’m talking about this client in particular is because HomeAire marks a new turn for us in the Scout services road. We’ve been trying to figure out new ways to better serve our clients, and one thing that has always stuck out has been the fact that often times, clients want a corporate blog, and they understand the benefits and agree with the concept, but they either don’t have the time, or don’t want to be writing it themselves. Upper level executives are particularly busy, so having the pressure of their jobs heightened by the pending topics sent to them by the Scout team can cause them to feel overwhelmed.

Taking these thoughts into consideration, we’ve expanded our services to include content development. Now, companies have the option of either: a.) going the more traditional route of having our blogging team send over topic ideas with strategic advice, coaching the company’s bloggers on what to write about and how to optimize for search results, or b.) the new approach of directly writing the content for the blog, optimized and approved by the company. This still allows executives and employees the option of updating the blog if they so choose, but the pressure of frequently writing enriched content is eliminated.

Now, you may be thinking, "but I thought you were against ghost blogging!" There’s a fine line there, between what constitutes ghostwriting and what doesn’t. By submitting posts under the username of "The HomeAire blogging team", we’re acknowledging that we are working as their blogging team, without appending another individual’s name to our content. Understandably, this can be a touchy subject with many, but we like the happy compromise and the opportunities that this allows. If someone comments on the blog, a knowledgeable representative from HomeAire can directly respond without causing confusion of having different names.

We’re really excited about this new venture and hopefully other clients will see the value in our content writing services in the future. Feel free to head over to HomeAire’s blog to see some of our work, and happy holidays!

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