Ghost Blogging Covered by Investor’s Business Daily

For all you PR bloggers and blogging skeptics out there, please file this post under further proof that blogging can lead to a credible media citation and ROI. In my last blog post, I asked Should corporate blogs use ghostwriters?. A few weeks later a reporter, Tony Kontzer from Investors Business Daily called to request an interview with me. Last week this article titled Writing Blogs Can Be Hard, So Get ‘Help’ appeared in the online version of Investors Business Daily’s technology section.  One more thing, the reporter actually quoted me correctly and gave me the last word in the story. Pretty cool ah?

Check out the story. Kontzer offers some reasons why companies start a blog and highlights the choices companies need to make when selecting who writes the content. The story presents some alternate view points (from Nancy McCord, Mary Gillen, Debbie Weil, and me) on the questions that surround why blogs can be an effective marketing tool for business and the use ghost bloggers.

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Thanks so much for the mention!

Posted by: Douglas Karr | May 28, 2007 7:51 PM


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