Calculating ROI of Blogging is Easier than it Looks

Charlene Li and her business blogging research team at Forrester Research have just released a ground breaking report titled The ROI of Blogging, The “Why ” And “How ” Of External Blogging Accountability.

The full 13 page report is literally a key for companies seeking to understand how blogging can improve their bottom line. I happen to be listed in the report as a contributor for my comments on Forrester’s initial research, and my previous posts about how to calculate the Search Engine Optimization benefits when determining blogging ROI. It includes a detailed system for estimating Benefits, Costs and Risks.


To learn more visit Chalene’s post titled New ROI of blogging report from Forrester. There you can find the highlights from the report such as the Benefits chart above and this full-blown Excel model showing how Charlene and her team painstakingly calculated the FastLane’s blog ROI in detail from 2005-2007. The report suggests building an ROI model like fastLane’s for your own company blog and the competitor’s blog (if one exists).

The Report also includes

  • sample values regarding the costs of starting and maintaining a company blog.
  • A chart for showing how to risk-Adjusted for different scenarios (most likely, best-case and worst-case

Steve Rubel got an advance copy of the report. here’s his summary of the report.

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