August 2006

SCOUT Launches First Client Blog - The Big Time a Spherion career blog

SCOUT Blogging is very proud to announce the launch of our first client blog -- The Big Time, a Spherion career blog. It officially launched today with this press release titled Spherion Hits The Big Time with First-of-its-Kind Career Blog; Leading Staffing Firm's CEO to be Among Regular Contributors and this post by Spherion's CEO, Roy Krause.

The Big Time Career Blog Logo

I want to thank the leadership at Spherion for keeping with its tradition of being an innovator by recognizing and being the first corporation to engage SCOUT's full package of corporate blogging services. For anyone that's interested, the SCOUT service starts with a comprehensive Assessment of the blogging community and a suggested Strategy that's tied with company marketing, PR, thought leadership and SEO goals. Then SCOUT provides Creative, Messaging, Design, Development Blog Hosting and most importantly, ongoing Blog Monitoring, Blogger Relations Consulting and daily SCOUT Reports that highlight blog posting and commenting opportunities. The clients are required to write their own blog posts and comments.

At this point, the SCOUT Corporate Blogging service has been in development for over 18 Months. It's very satisfying to launch a blog so we can FINALLY get to the REAL VALUE of SCOUT, which is helping our clients become great bloggers. Without getting too sentimental here, I have to deeply thank all the members of Backbone and the SCOUT team for rising to the challenge of launching this blogging services company while maintaining a successful and busy SEO and website development agency. David Neuman, Kristine Monroe, Dave Naggar, Eben Bathalon, Steve Abramowitz, Ryan Mulloy, Olga Krivchenko, and especially John Cass and Magen Dickinson. Thank you for making the launch of our inaugural corporate blog something we can all be proud of.

So far the site has been received well by career industry bloggers. Here are a few links to related blog posts as of 8/15/06

1. Jim Durbin from StlRecruiting wrote a nice post listing the things we did right and this after the column titled "Things they did wrong : Um, so far, nothing is wrong...." You can't pay for that kind of blogging. Thanks Jim :)

2. Jim Durbiin also posted this on an other Check out Jim's post. He wrote some some more nice things about Spherion's new blog and continued with "Spherion is not the first staffing firm to have a blog (Volt was first), but they certainly seem to be the first to take it seriously enough to promote it and pitch it is as part of their long-term marketing strategy. " Thanks Jim, We'll take that as our second thumbs up in a row. Ok, Ok, enough with the mushy stuff and the self-congratulations. We thank Jim for his early recognition and kindness, but we also welcome critical or constructive suggestions from anyone in the blogosphere who has any ideas or suggestions for making The Big Time even better.

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Simple advice for Introducing your new blog

A business acquaintance of mine who is launching a new corporate blog recently asked me for some thoughts and or advice on writing the intro post. This is what I told her... Always remember that a blog should be more like a conversation. Make that first post conversational - like a single reader is there sitting across from you. Think about your audience. Tell the audience why you're excited about blogging and list a few of the topics / categories that you intend to discuss with them. Encourage their participation feedback. Tell the audience that you really want to hear from them and open it to anybody who wants to join into the discussion. Introduce your user guidelines. Lately I have been referring to Southwest's User Guide as a good example. When you do finally write your intro post or following posts, always read the post out loud and make sure it strikes the right tone and does not sound too official or formal. Try not to make grand proclamations like "we're pleased to launch this blog which is going to be the best... this or that".

Experienced bloggers recommend researching and becoming familiar with the blogging culture in your industry before launching your blog. Many also recommend skipping the press release (at lease for a week or two) and favor launching quietly. Simply link to It from your website without much fanfare and start joining into the existing industry discussion. Get your sea legs commenting on outside blogs and writing a few actual blog posts.

Find five to ten blogs that you really like to read and link to them from your blog roll. This will let them know that your blog exists because most bloggers have a tendency to monitor for incoming blog links. Again, look for opportunities to participate in those target blogs by monitoring them with an RSS feed or with tabbed browsing. Contribute to theses discussions where you can add value to the conversation. If you know a certain blogger is interested in a topic you have recently written about, it's ok to send them a friendly letter asking them to check out your post on _________ because you would like to know what they think.

In the future when you write posts, make them kind of open ended or thought provoking - inviting response / agreement or disagreement. Disagreement is ok. It's an opportunity to engage with the audience. Good blogs thrive on it. Welcome it and you will have a great blog.

So these are some general recomendations. Does anyone have anything to add? Please let me know.

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