A case for the ROI of Blogging

One belief that I am certain about is that great blogging translates into great search engine rankings. With that assumption in mind, here’s a case for the value of blogging…

My team and I recently conducted research on 140 progressive companies to evaluate their Search Engine Marketing participation (are they spending in Google) and potential spend (what could they spend per month if they bid for top position on their logical keywords). The list of companies came directly from a published client list of a top tier PR agency.

Here’s what we found…

  • The average client of this PR firm has the potential to spend $21,000 per month in Google Advertising (the high was as much as $251,000 per month)
  • All clients combined have the potential to spend $36 Million per year
  • 28% are spending on PPC Ads — Verified that the company was advertising in either Google or Yahoo paid search programs.
  • Estimated Average Spend $12,816 per month for the companies that are participating in either Google or Yahoo paid search programs. — Calculated by removing the top 5 highest spenders and the 5 lowest then averaging the remaining paid search spenders
  • 62% optimize their site in some way for search engine rankings.

The point of this basic research is to show the value of Blogging. There are many potential benefits of blogging but just looking at the SEO benefits alone should make a strong case to any Marketing Director (from a company that is spending or planning to spend on direct traffic from search engines) that blogging is a strategy to consider going forward. The message here is - look at how much a company could spend on paid search advertising. Blogging is a way to invest into your organic rankings rather than paying upwards of $144k each year on paid search.

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