February 2006

Scout Launches Today At The Search Engine Strategies Conference In New York

We launched the Scout Corporate blogging service today at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York. Backbone Media is ten years old this February, so it only seems fitting that Stephen Turcotte, the President and founder of Backbone Media, Inc. launch Backbone`s blogging service at the SES Conference. In 1996 there was not very much of a search business, and Backbone was an early pioneer in the search industry.

I worked with Stephen Turcotte over the summer on the Backbone Corporate blogging Survey in an effort to demonstrate the value of corporate blogging. After conducting the study Stephen came up with the idea that having enough time is the issue in blogging. And that if a company was going to have the time to blog a company would really need help in learning how to become a really effective blogger and have the type of reports that provided a good analysis of their industry. Scout will provide both analysis of a company`s blog community through Scout intelligence reports and the training on how to blog effectively.

Scout is a combination of blogging, PR and SEO strategies, all with the aim of giving our client`s the ability to be effective corporate bloggers. Scout`s primary focus is on giving our clients the tools to become effective bloggers, rather than blogging for the client.

This Scout blogging blog will be Backbone`s product development blog, we will look for feedback and ideas from peers and customers in the industry on the Scout service, as well as providing content related to corporate blogging.

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Blogging is Like a Big Networking Party

Hi Folks and welcome to the Scout Blog. I'm happy that you dropped by.

I'm coming to you from the Search Engine Strategies Conference at the New York Hilton. The Backbone SEO team and I are here at the show to have some interesting conversations with great people. Yes, we're also here to launch our new corporate blogging service called SCOUT. I feel like we should smash a bottle or something. That's probably not a good idea since this laptop isn't covered for that kind of damage.

We are off to a fun start. Lot's of familiar faces jetting around the Hilton. The crew and I spent some time in the lounge tonight and we had a smashing time catching it up with some of our SEM professional friends from past years.

I had a lucky encounter with "the Red Headed Irish SEO Lady". Now that we've been formally introduced, I can tell you that her real name is Fionn Downhill and she is non other than the the Chief Executive Officer and President of Elixir Systems. We had a lovely chat about some of the work she is doing with SEMPO. This encounter is an example of blogs connecting people. Or was it SES that connected us. I don't know. It's late and I need to wake up in four hours for the beginning of the conference.

I'm just so excited about what blogging means for business. On the way in from Boston, I noticed several AT&T billboards that had the word "blogging delivered". As more and more business leaders and thinkers have started blogging, the internet has become a huge cocktail party where you, Mr or Ms. Businessperson can can listen in or join into the conversations that are within the context of your business interests. I'll check back in later.

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